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After a long, static shot in which Mara identifies his corpse, he rises from the morgue, keeping the white sheet over his head. The next section is watching dead Casey watch Rooney, until she eventually leaves. With only the faintest bit of explanation coming from another sheet-wearing ghost waving hello from a house across the way, we realize were stuck in this spot until something happens. When a new family moves in (a Spanish-speaking mother and her two kids, whose dialogue is never subtitled) the movie head-fakes toward a typical spooky twist. Is this the origin story of the ghost that frightens families away? In a way, yes. But thats only one chapter. Eternity lasts a very long time. A Ghost Story officially out-matches Steven Spielbergs AI for patient characters. Not all is explained in A Ghost Story, but enough is there for vibrant discussion to break out the minute the credits rolled. Ive got my theories about it all, and whats best is that other folks have differing, reasonable versions.

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