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Pockets are even more vital than before. I need shirts and dresses that will accommodate the insane breastmilk-pumping equipment I stuff in my bra (dont even talk to me about nursing bras) three times a day at my desk and that make it easy to access my boobs for nursing when I'm home with the baby. She nurses or I pump every two or so hours, by the way. If you have to take your boobs out of your shirt every two hours, you find shirts that work, regardless of what they look like. I havent given up on clothes altogether; Ive just created another uniform. I havent given up on clothes altogether; Ive just created another uniform. I bought several mix-and-match pieces on Black Friday sales: three loose, scoop-hemmed striped shirts and two (naturally spit-up-repelling) merino wool cardigans from Gap, and four pairs of high-waist jeggings from Old Navy. I dropped money on a new pair of Cole Haan loafers like my beloved pre-pregnancy ones in a half-size bigger, and theyre already perfectly broken in. I can wear my rings again.

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Soldiers on patrol Its researchers said there was "no shared understanding" of what constitutes a nation's defence expenditure, pointing out that Nato's definition includes not only defence ministry budgets but also pensions, expenditure for peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, and research and development costs. They added that "very different results" could be reached depending on how expenditure is converted into US dollars and that different GDP figures could also distort the figures. They also questioned the "increasingly prominent" role of the 2% figure, saying it "only provides a limited representation of countries' defence capabilities and commitments". "Ultimately, it is the output that matters," they added. 'Biggest in Europe' The Ministry of Defence dismissed the think tank's assessment of the UK's spending. "These figures are wrong," it said. "Nato's own figures clearly show that the UK spends over 2% of its GDP on defence. "Our defence budget is the biggest in Europe, the second largest in Nato, and it is growing each year as we invest 178bn in new equipment and the UK steps up globally, with new ships, submarines and aircraft over the next decade." The MoD said the IISS calculation may have been affected by fluctuations in exchange rates. The think tank's report was released ahead of a meeting of Nato defence ministers in Brussels on Wednesday. 'Creative accounting' At กางเกงคนท้อง คนอ้วน a press conference ahead of the summit, Nato secretary general Jens Stoltenberg unveiled figures showing that European members and Canada had between them increased defence spending by 3.8% above inflation last year. Mr Stoltenberg said the figures were "significantly higher than what we had originally foreseen" and showed Nato had "turned a corner" after many years of steep cuts in spending.

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