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They are a site that curates discount codes, offers and promotions for online shopping platforms (think Zalora and Lazada ). Yeah, these guys literally trawl the internet to find the latest and best coupon codes and promotions for Malaysians. All you need to do is copy the code, paste in into the promo code column at the checkout, then your total bill will be discounted. And Flipit doesn’t just have fashion coupon codes. They have codes for food, transport, travel, beauty, electronics, gifts, sports stuff and more ! Now that know, you’ll never want to shop online without going to  Flipit’s page first. For CILISOS readers, Flipit is giving you guys two special codes, one for Zalora and one for Lazada, which you can grab at the end of the article. THEN: Traditional baju Melayu. NOW: (from left) Abang Sado jubahs, IKON Lebaran baju Melayu, and Polo jubahs. Images from and Before the evolution of Malay fashion, men’s fashion in the 80s consisted of the  traditional baju Melayu (the square, boxy shirt, with the pesak and kekek ), up until the 90s and 2000s, related Ardi Idewani, Fashion Editor at and former Deputy Fashion Editor at Glam Lelaki . But now, the baju Melayu is getting an update! “We can thank KL Fashion Week  for sparking the growth in the number of menswear fashion designers.

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