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Early users are being added on a rolling basis, Ward said. The verification site, , asks users to input their first and last names, last four digits of their Social Security number, birth date, email address and service branch. Veterans will then be notified whether they are ineligible, are already eligible to shop, that they will be eligible on the official Nov. 11 launch date, or that they have been randomly selected to be a beta tester. Early users will also be sent additional emails asking about their experience. "You have been randomly granted early access to all of the online exchanges as part of the Veterans online shopping benefit. This means you can create an account, explore the sites and start shopping today!" the email announcing early selection for the site states. "As part of this beta test, you will periodically receive surveys regarding your experience shopping with the exchanges," it states. "Your feedback will help us meet your needs as well as address any concerns you may have." Not everyone who uses the system has had a seamless experience.

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