Some Emerging Opportunities In Vital Issues For Skin Care

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RALEIGH, N.C. North Carolina's Republican-dominated legislature is moving to strip powers from the state's incoming governor, Democrat Roy Cooper, three weeks before he is to succeed a Republican in the executive mansion. Lawmakers on Thursday began debating a bill to require Senate confirmation for cabinet appointments, reduce by 1,200 the number of state employees the governor can hire and fire at will, and eliminate the governor's power to pick University of North Carolina trustees. The legislation and ครีม บัว หิมะ เซ เว่ น related bills came as a surprise, filed late on Wednesday on the heels of a special "lame duck" session of the General Assembly ครีมหน้าเงา หน้าขาวใส called to consider relief for Hurricane Matthew victims. Cooper, to be sworn in on Jan. 7 after defeating incumbent Republican Pat McCrory by 10,000 votes last month, said the proposals are aimed at holding him back. "Most people might think that this is a partisan power grab, but it is really more ominous," Cooper said at a news conference in Raleigh on Thursday. "This is about thwarting the governor's ability to move us forward on education and healthcare and clean air and water." Cooper, currently state attorney general, said his office is reviewing the proposals and will sue if lawmakers approve any measures he believes are unconstitutional. McCrory's office did not respond to a request for comment on whether he would sign the legislation. Republican lawmakers called the changes justified by the state's constitution. Senate confirmation hearings were held earlier in the state's history, they said.