Step-by-step Down-to-earth Strategies In Online Fashion

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And that's what personal style is. I dress for myself and I dress for comfort, and always have. I don't plan what I wear, and i have to be out of the house pretty early in the morning, so I don't really necessarily pick a dress, or a hairstyle or jewelry just until that actual moment, because it really does depend on how you're feeling that day. This is my favorite piece from the collection. This is a faux-fur and faux-leather cropped jacket, that looks beautiful on if you're wearing jeans and a t shirt, or jeans and a tank top even, you can throw on this jacket and its instantly a special outfit. My biggest style icon has been my mother, because she was the first person that I would watch get ready, and she looked so beautiful and I remember looking at her and thinking that I wanted to look just like her. Especially with women today. We are wearing so many different hats. In designing this collection, that's why I worked with mixing the more masculine fabrics like the faux leathers with the more feminine fabrics like the, like a chiffon or the lace, because this is my nod to the modern American woman, that can probably not describe themself with one word, or one fabric. Your fashion is always evolving and that's what fashion is all about. [MUSIC] Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my Nicole Richie for Impulse collection.

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