The Challenges For Elementary Strategies In Cocktail Dresses

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Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Leading British fashion firm teams up with click here for info Central Saint Martins to boost number of female CEOs Evening Standard 1 day ago Rashid Razaq A leading British fashion company is teaming-up with Central Saint Martins to encourage more women to aim for top jobs within the industry. Suzie de Rohan Willner, chief executive of designer womenswear brand Toast, said not enough women are reaching boardroom level because they lack confidence and role models. The fashion boss, who has previously worked at FitFlop, Levi Strauss and Puma, will launch a mentoring competition on February 2 as part of the universitys Women in the Arts scheme. Saint Martins course leader Jennifer Tuckett said research shows only a handful of women occupy chief executive positions despite women accounting for two-thirds of fashion customers. Ms de Rohan Willner said: "When you look at the leading brands at CEO level theyre nearly all men. There are talented women coming into the industry, but theyre not getting to the top positions." "We need to ensure they take every opportunity they get to connect and learn from mentors to give them the confidence and skill-set to lead." Ms de Rohan Willner is one of 15 women bosses taking part in the programme including Royal Court Theatre artistic director Vicky Featherstone and English National Ballet head Tamara Rojo. For more information see Provided by Evening Standard Limited Provided by Evening Standard Limited

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